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bernard alonso
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You’ll need about 10 – 15 minutes for the test. It is important that you respond to all the questions – there are no right or wrong answers! While doing the test, notice any connections between the situations described in the questions, your stories from your past and your niche profile. If a question doesn’t resonate with you or leaves you uncertain, simply choose the ‘no’ or ‘partially’ option.

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I like DIY and repairing or improving things.

I bring humor in the things I say.

I spread a ‘joie de vivre’ (love of life) all around me

I subscribe to scientific journals/magazines

I like spending time in sacred places (churches, temples, sanctuaries, forests…)

When I am talking about something, I can get caught up in my thoughts and end up giving long explanations.

Spontaneously, I try to understand how a system works.

I take care of my car/motorbike or other machines that I own.

I can be the life and soul of the party

Once under way, the enthusiasm I had for my project disappears and continuing to work on it bores me.

People say I express myself well.

I am good at simplifying and explaining concepts.

I always have energy for expressing my art

I am good at creating or understanding theories or concepts.

If I lend someone something and they give it back in worse condition, I can feel particularly angry.

I constantly take notes on the subjects that I’m researching.

People often describe me fun loving

When I am talking, words come easily. I don’t ummm and errr.

I don’t really like lending my tools.

I tend to have several projects on the go at any one time.

I cannot bear something that is not aesthetic or harmonious

Art can often move me to tears.

I like communicating verbally or in writing

I like it when I am asked me to repair something.

I like handicraft; I am gifted to creating some with originality

Decorate around is important for me

I like discussions and can easily debate.

I have a good sense of humor and I sometimes like to act the clown.

I can easily delegate jobs to those around me.

I appreciate aesthetic originality.

I am involved in one or more projects working in environmental protection.

I am fascinated by supernatural powers

I feel enthusiastic when speaking about scientific subjects

I like organizing parties or celebrations

I like speaking up and I like to feel listened to.

The decoration and aesthetics of my home is important.

I take care of others and like to ensure people around me feel good.

I conduct multiple researches for a given subject and I make lists

I can go into precise detail in my research.

I like people with style

I find it hard to part with my artistic creations.

I like to rebuild the story from clues

My feelings are evident in my creations 

I am good at maths. I like numbers.

I can easily persuade people to support me in the creation or development of my ideas

I bring the necessary supplies with me on holiday to express my art

I think of jokes or I create situations to make others laugh.

I am always ready to help

I like arranging and beautifying places.

I am interested in understanding how systems or mechanisms function.

I like my tools/equipment

Ambiance and décor are very important for me.

While travelling, I often bring my staple tool or equipment that I love, such as my swizz army knife.

Seeing nature being destroyed makes me sad

I am attentive to the needs of others; I like to please them.

I tend to put others before myself, forgetting my own needs

My appearance or the impression I give is important to me.

I am a good listener and pay attention to others.

I tend not to finish my projects.

I try to ensure that everything is ready when people arrive.

When I travel or arrive somewhere new, I look around for artistic creations in the art areas I practice.

I care little about my appearance

What I like most about archeology is imagining the story around the objects or situation. I visualize it in my head, and I see it as if I were there.

I can express myself artistically in my preferred medium.

I ready to research for a long time to understand something

I automatically question or analyze the responses I give.

Once put into action or made it concrete, often I lose interest

Harmonious colors in clothing and accessories are important for me.

People often call me the jester/joker.

I like to simplify the working of a complex mechanism or system

I like to surprise people with things I have prepared to please or entertain them.

Sometimes I urgently need to be alone

I am very intuitive; I feel my surroundings deeply.

I like getting dressed up to impress or surprise people around me.

I like to see magic

I always need new projects

I tend to throw myself into several projects at a the same time

I like helping others spontaneously

I can be very moved by a work of art or by a piece of music

I care about my image.

I am naturally empathic

I like beautifying my ideas when I talk or write

I become enthusiastic or excited when I have a new project and I think about it all the time.

There is nothing more boring than having to continue working on a project that is no longer new and intriguing for me.

I can create and compose using different mediums.

I have a soothing tone of voice

When I am interested in a subject, I read up about it and document my research.

When I arrive somewhere new, I immediately think about how I could improve the aesthetic quality and better organize things

I am curious and am interested in documentaries, to the extend of carrying out my own research.

I can sacrifice myself for others wellbeing

I can invent, simplify, and make mechanisms more efficient.

I like to fix things that don’t work.

I am good at speaking and learning new languages

I like beauty and harmonious arrangements

I can talk for ages.

Even if feelings are painful, they do me good.

I like creating and developing new ideas and concepts

I get upset if someone borrows one of my favorite tools without asking me.

I am a good listener and people share their personal lives with me.

I am always ready to speak up in public or to retell stories.

I like organizing celebrations that makes everyone feels happy.

When undertaking researching I like to go into minute detail

I like the place or workshop where I can tinker/do DIY

I am a spiritual person, I seek profundity

I write easily, words just bubble up, they flow.

I am attached to my artistic creations

I am good at grasping a subject and summarizing it.

I systematically look for ways to improve or optimize any sort of mechanism.

I am available, or I organize myself to be so.

I like to say or believe that I have higher power.

I am naturally interested in others

People say I could ‘talk the hind leg off a donkey’ when I talk about my interests

I am moved by art

I can easily feel my surroundings

I like and am interested in symbols or allegories/representations.

I can forget myself while doing good for others

I can conceive and develop an idea, until it can become an obsession.

I like making people laugh to ease others

I like analyzing and understanding the detailed working of systems

I can be determined and tireless in my efforts to gain a scientific understanding of my research.

I am fascinated by the mysteries of the invisible world.

I question theories and I try to go deeper

People say I’m talkative

When I travel or go somewhere new, I automatically repair or improve things.

When I speak in public, I generally don’t need to read my notes.

Usually, I am non-judgmental

Above all, I look for the feelings at the heart of things.

I am reserved, circumspect; sometimes I make myself invisible

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