Description of the 9 Niches

To Be and Express

Niche | Communicator


In the world of work these are journalist, politicians, writers, coaches, etc. Communicators have a clear ability to express themselves well. They might even tend to speak a lot (too much).

They often have a ability to learn foreign languages.

Extremely sensitive, they can find their words and share emotion. It may be verbally or written. They know how to please through words and tone. They have a good rhythm. They are curious and like information and to share it.

Fundamental need

Share what makes sense to them.

What do they contribute to the world?

Communicators are sharers of information.

They know how to shape information for a public and thereby getting information to the other niches.

Niche | Contemplative


Contemplative people have a notable connection to nature and animals. They are attracted to invisible worlds, maybe even mystical. They are very intuitive (right brain) and attentive observers. They can feel their environment without necessarily understanding it. They are often spiritual and engaged people.

Their fundamental need

The belief in the existence of other worlds.

What do they contribute to the world?

The purpose of contemplative people is to take care of the planet and its people in all its forms. They allow others to see the existence of parallel worlds and hidden part of nature.

Niche | Propagator of Joy


In history, they were the king’s joker (bouffon du roi), the ‘ravis’ from the Christian crib, the kind club med rep, circus clowns, comedians.

Propagators of joy like to make others laugh, receive, and make a party atmosphere, make a good atmosphere in the group. In this way they take care of the wellbeing of others.

They forget themselves for the benefit of others. Sometimes, they might even forget themselves, or deprive themselves for others.

Their fundamental need

That everyone around them feels well//good//happy//comfortable//etc.

What do they contribute to the world?

They come to relax the atmosphere of the other niches by creating distraction and comedy.

They make people laugh and relax tensions created by the demands of the expression of other niches. They also have the ability to adapt to different contexts.

Doer and conceive

Niche | Ingenious


Ingenious people are those that look to fix or improve physical mechanisms. We might call them ‘handy’.

Ingenious and handy people like surrounding themselves with tools and like maintaining them, sometime cherishing them.

They are gifted with an analytical brain and like action and are constantly thinking about ensuring that systems function optimally.

They have a great deal of energy and their capacity to find solutions allows them to make systems function optimally.

Their fundamental need

Find the best solutions, optimize function.

What do they contribute to the world?

Ingenious people repair, simplify, improve and invent with the aim to facilitate the lives of other niches.

Niche | Scientific


Scientific people like to do research on subjects that interest them.
They are patient, methodological and analytic. They often like doing experiments, always searching until they understand. This can make people obsessive and/or socially awkward.

Their fundamental need

Do research and discover new things.

What do they contribute to the world?

Scientific people teach us the secrets of our terrestrial ecosystem and the precise functioning or theory of mechanisms, chemistry, physics, physiologic and this in all states of nature.

Niche | Concept / Designer


Concept designers have the ability to conceive new concepts.
They are serial project buildings. They can create entirely a new ecosystem, or prototype… and get people interested to work with them.
They often have several projects on the go which they are a bit obsessed by. But once a certain level of achievement has been attained, which suits them, they tend to loose interest and want to abandon the project. Their motivation is to create the concept and to see if it can work without wanting to maintain and manage it to ensure its continual functioning. Management bores them. And anyway, they already have another project on the boil which excites them more.

Their fundamental need

Live the excitement of a new project.

What do they contribute to the world?

They create relationships within the worlds and systems surrounding us and enjoy innovating. They like the invention of new ways to do and this is independent of their medium of expression or their niche.


Niche | Beautifier


This niche is often and generally difficult to discern because beautifiers are often people with many different talents.

They may have an artistic side, without necessarily being an artist. Their talent is to see and know how highlight anything where they find interest. //objects // environments//people //etc.

In the world of work, they are set designers, film directors, photographers, architects, people in marketing, decorators.

They are always well presented, taking care of their appearance and pay attention to details and accessories. Their image and the atmosphere they give off is important to them.

Their fundamental need

Surround oneself with beauty or create beauty all around.

What do they contribute to the world?

They create an atmosphere, a context, the surroundings necessary for the expression of all the other niches.

They know how to reveal or expose (embellish) and manifest the expression of the other niches.

They perceive the meaning, use and beauty of things

Niche | Artist


Artists know how to share their emotion with others threw their heart.

This artistic temperament, these emotions come from within and are generally irrepressible. They may be considered as being in their own world by others or eccentric. Their creations may seem strange to their peers, maybe even shocking.

However, when others do resonate with the creation, they can bring the observer far, taking us out of our daily lives and maybe even causing us to feel very deeply.

Their fundamental need

Express their emotions into the composition or creation.

What do they ccontribute to the world?

Artists bring an emotional stimulus often forgotten by other niches. Indeed, humans need art to stimulate their emotional center and cultivate their capacity to love.

Without artists, other niches could get lost, being obsessed in details and their personal subjects. Art is good for the soul.

Niche | Social*


Social people are both complex and easy to discern.

They often have a soft, agreeable appearance which incites trust.

They have a tone of voice that is naturally empathic and complements their sensitive feeling to their morphology.

They have a good natural listening capacity, pay attention to others and their immediate needs. They find the right words to soothe.

They do not judge.

They are compassionate altruists.

They have a great capacity to love and are sensitive.

Several profiles are revealed:

  • Social therapist, works best in one on one relations, e.g. doctors, psychologists
  • Social facilitator, working best in groups e.g. groups of parents, facilitating meetings, workshops.
  • Social match makers , like to connect people with each other

A mix of the types

Their fundamental need

Serve or care for others

What do they contribute to the world?

Their role is to heal the weaknesses or human or societal disfunction.

* . Since humans are primarily social mammals, they automatically all have a social fiber. Some will recognize this social qualities that appears occasionally in their behavior

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